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Dump The Dummy Campaign


From September 2021 we will be introducing a Dump the Dummy campaign for all children that use a dummy during the day time. When you feel that your child is ready to ‘Dump the Dummy’ we will encourage them to ‘dump their dummy’ in our ‘dump the dummy dustbin’ in exchange for their very own toothbrush and toothpaste in its own travel case so that the brush can be packed hygienically and taken on outings.


Tooth Brushing For 3–4-Year-Olds


In addition, we will be re-introducing our ‘tooth brushing time’ in the 3-4 room. Each child will be encouraged to brush their teeth once during their day whilst at nursery.


Clothes Donations


Now that most of the restrictions have been lifted, we are in a position to accept donations of spare clothes.


Contacting The Office


If you need to contact the office staff for any reason, please email us on If you do need to contact us by telephone, please allow the phone to ring for a reasonable amount of time as it might be that we are using the other line. We are always aware of a call waiting.


Qualified Nursery Nurse


We have a vacancy for a full time qualified childcarer. If you know anyone that may be interested in the position, please ask them to send their CV to


Snack Money Box


Our dinosaur snack money boxes are placed at each drop off point for your child to ‘feed him’ pennies towards the cost of snack. Snack on offer is – a selection of fruit, crackers with cheese, breadsticks, yoghurts etc accompanied by milk or water. We appreciate all donations.


Term Dates


Term will resume on

September 2nd 2021

And will end for the half term break on

21st October 2021

And resume on

1st November 2021


Closure Dates


Bizzy Bees will be closed on the following dates

August 30th 2021

And between

24th December – 3rd January 2022 (inclusive)


Cancellation Of Lunches


Please remember to call or email to cancel your child’s lunch before 8.15 am on the day of cancellation in order to receive a refund on your next invoice.




Bold Title

Start Well Healthy Eating Award

Achieved in 2019


Bizzy Bees is proud to be a juice free nursery.