Honey Bees 0- 2 years

Fine Manipulative activites
Honey Bees Sleep Room

The Honey Bees is a cosy room designed for babies from birth until they reach their second birthday. We can care for up to 12 babies at any one time. It has a separate sleep room, changing area and direct access onto the garden.


The Honey Bees staff offer a warm, relaxed and caring environment to help our youngest Bizzy Bees feel safe and secure. We refrain from wearing outdoor footwear in this room to ensure that the carpet remains clean and safe for the babies and toddlers when crawling and playing.


Bottles are served individually, in line with each baby’s routine. Self-help skills are encouraged for older toddlers at lunchtime. If your baby requires formula milk, we ask that you bring in your chosen brand to allow staff to make your baby’s feed when needed. This will ensure that your child’s feed is fresh each time. Solid food brought in from home can only be re-heat if it is shop purchased in sealed jars that clearly display a use by date. Alternatively we can provide a pureed/chopped fresh cooked meal.


Nappies, wipes, creams and comforters should also be brought in from home, in a bag labelled with your child’s name.


At around the age of 2 years your child should be ready  to

move to Bumble Bees. To prepare them for this, visits will be made regularly both by children to their new room and Bumbles staff to the Honey Bees room.