Bumble Bees 2-3 years

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The Bumble Bees is designed to accommodate children from 2-3 years. The large bright, spacious room has its

own toilets, changing area, sleep room and direct access onto the spacious, secure garden.


The Bumble Bees staff offer a wide and challenging variety of activities that are certain to excite your little

explorer. Activities include role play, messy play, creative play and communication experiences.


The staff work hard to ensure that children receive lots of encouragement and reassurance as they begin to gain independence and grow with confidence whilst learning about the world around them.


Staff often take the children out onto the surrounding fields to explore the local wildlife such as birds, rabbits and squirrels.


During quieter times the staff will take children to Rother Valley Country Park.


Staff encourage children to learn through play by supporting them to engage in their interests such as trains, cars, dolls, books, jigsaws and role play.


At around the age of 3 years your child should be ready to move to the Bee Hive. To prepare them for this, visits will be made regularly both by children to their new room and Bee Hive staff to the Bumble Bees.