Beehive 3-5 years

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Beehive Story Corner
Beehive Role Play

The Bee Hive is designed to accommodate 3-5 year olds and helps to prepare the children for reception. The welcoming room has its own toilets and direct access onto the spacious, secure garden.


The staff offer a wide range of exciting, stimulating activities in a lightly structured way that helps children to prepare for a school environment. Such activities include challenging maths, science, knowledge and understanding of the world and creative activities.


Staff often take the children out into the surrounding fields to explore the local wildlife such as birds, rabbits and squirrels.


During quieter times the staff will take children to Rother Valley Country Park.


If you have applied for a place at Beighton School Nursery, the staff will take your child to visit the Nursery and the School Nursery staff will visit the your child here, shortly before your child is due to move. Alternatively you can choose to keep your child at our Nursery until they start School. You can also opt for our wrap around shared care service if you would like your child to attend both nurseries.